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You Are Now is the story of five highschool students living in the city of Bordate, Colorado, whose Saturday plans are interrupted by the start of a city-wide survival game orchestrated by the multinational conglomerate, the Shinku Corporation. As a CYOA story, the plot switches between the perspective of the five protagonists with different characters reacting to commands differently.

YAN is something I started over two years ago on the GameFAQs Contest Board, also known as Board 8, after reading the vastly superior Homestuck. I had tried doing CYOAs before on there and they never really worked out, but the format of Homestuck was one that I thought I could adapt and was one that would compliment my lack of actual artistic competence. And so, I started what was originally a silly internet project for a small group of people.

After a while, I realised that YAN was going to take longer to complete than I thought, so I uploaded everything to Comic Fury where YAN lived until January 2014, when I moved it here.

As a CYOA, the actions of the characters in YAN are not decided by me. Well, that's not entirely true, I have to steer the action in a certain direction to keep the plot moving along and frankly, most of the commands I get are stupid, but that's part of why I enjoy doing it. Whether I listen to them or not, the commands are submitted by a select group of users on Board 8. I don't have any plans to change that system as it works well, but I try to keep the appeal of the comic as universal as I can, so that even readers who don't have a say in the command process can enjoy reading it.

Maybe that will change in the future. The receiving command parts, I mean. Not the enjoying it part. Well, that might too, but I'll do my best to avoid that.


My name is FAHtastic. Well, obviously it's not, but that's what I go by here. I'm British, in my late twenties and much, much less successful than I thought I'd be by now. Like, seriously, not even close.

I'm pretty funny, I reckon, and not a great artist, but I enjoy drawing, so I've found ways to compensate. Because of my Britishness, I do use British spellings and idioms in YAN, which can sometimes cause confusion as the story is set in America. I am also entirely unapologetic about that. I do have a sweet English accent though.

I have a beard and I like zombies.


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