Age: 17

Chris is the first protagonist introduced. Despite his simple appearance and mind, Chris manages to float through high school around the middle of the class, both academically and athletically. A fan of video games, action movies and cereal, Chris wields a basketball bought for him by his father (who disappeared several years ago in a way that probably won't be relevant) in a vain attempt to get him more interested in sports. It failed, but Chris is happy to have it, although he doesn't quite understand the rules of basketball. Or any sport. Despite his fondness for the British Union Flag, Chris is very much American.


Age: 17

A handsome, young coward, Dan has a mystical sixth sense that aids in his ability to mack on girls. In theory, anyhow. In practice, he gets slapped in the face a lot. Despite Dan's popularity, he has remained firm friends with Seymour since elementary school, whom he considers to be his best friend, although the feeling is not publicly mutual. On the surface, he presents himself as a trendy guy, but is ashamed of his secret hobby of knitting, which he is unnecessarily apt at. Dan is the only one of his friends who doesn't come from a broken family, coming instead from an affluent family who love him dearly. His sister is currently somewhere in Bordate, but he has other things to worry about at the moment.


Age: 18

Once the strongest delinquent in Bordate City during his junior high days, Harrison is now the strongest part-time worker at an IT call centre in Bordate City. Harrison is a heavy smoker and has a short temper, but often manages to be the voice of reason amongst his small group of friends. Despite having calmed down significantly, many are still weary of him due to his unsavoury reputation as a crazed brawler. Which is true, he absolutely was, but he's a damn reliable guy to have on your side and fiercely loyal. He's also managed to annoy the intellectual elite and faculty at school by constantly scoring highly on every test he takes. He's not particularly smart, he just has an exceptionally good memory. He's also currently quite smitten with his co-worker, Cass, although these feelings are entirely one-sided.


Age: 17

Stephanie is a clumsy and lonely girl whose existence, before The Game began, went largely unnoticed (although Dan and Harrison were actually both aware of her). This is further exacerbated by the fact that she was mute for much of her life and an incident during her childhood left her with serious burns all along her left arm, which she is incredibly self-conscious about. In spite of her social isolation, Steph has managed to keep a positive outlook, convinced that one day she'll make friends. More than that, she is secretly in love with her neighbour, Chris, who once returned Mr Fuzzy, her childhood cuddly toy made for her by her mother just before her parents both died in an accident. Despite her admirable mental strength and resilience, she does occasionally fall into minor bouts of depression and can be quick to tears. She can also see into the future, but it's not as useful as it sounds and will arbitrarily give her nosebleeds.


Age: 17

After having grown increasingly annoyed at his parents' disdain for him, Seymour eventually moved out and disowned them. Now residing in a one room apartment, which he pays for via a variety of scrupulous online activities, he is free to engage in his many hobbies. Hobbies which include watching anime, collecting Japanese models of anime girls (and American models of ponies) and trolling people online. Despite his tastes, his unpleasant, petty, bitter and sarcastic personality means that he abhors the entirety of the rest of the fandom. If it wasn't for Dan, he likely wouldn't have any friends, which he tells people he'd be fine with, but is secretly quite fond of his friends' company. Intelligent, but lazy, Seymour is a vein of untapped potential. His in-depth knowledge of video games and MMOs makes him well-suited as an advisor to the rest of the group as they play The Game, although he mostly relies on conjecture and guess work.


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